Tuesday, 28 February 2017

35 Random Facts About Me....


I debated writing this post as I convinced myself that no one in their right mind would care to read random things having to do with me. I then re-visited the idea & I must have convinced myself that someone may, indeed care to read many random facts about me because well, I ended up writing a list of 35! 

I figured if nothing else, it may help you to get to know me a little bit more beyond my family & recipe posts. So here goes....

1. I'm terrified of clowns, they scare the crap out of me, you certainly wouldn't see me at the circus! 

2. I'm turning 27 this year but I like to deduct years of my age, I seem to forget & say I'm 23, wishful thinking I know! 

3. I am an Aries, & I am very much an Aries. 

4. I don't like change, but I also get bored with things being the same & crave change. Yeah, you figure that one out because I can't. 

5. I hate speaking in public, I literally turn into a beetroot & start spluttering my words. #Awkward. 

6. I have 3 children, an 8 year old son, a 6 year old daughter & a 7 month old son- but you already knew that 😊. 

7. I hate, hate, hate spiders.. if you see me running (because this never happens!) it's because ive seen one, even the tiny ones. Yes I'm a wimp. 

8. I love cooking but don't like the cleaning up afterwards, hence the many quick & easy recipes in my blog. 

9. I'm not a morning person, unfortunately my children didn't get this memo. 

10. I'm an introvert until I get to know someone, then you can't shut me up 😂. 

11. Give me chocolate & I'll do just about anything. 

12. Give me wine & I'll do just about anything. 

13. I'm a list maker, I have lists everywhere & for everything. 

14. If I could have any super power it would be to not need sleep, it doesn't sound super but I'm sure many parents out there would agree with me. 

15. Give me a good book & you won't see me for hours, maybe even days. 

16. I have 10 tattoos & would like a few more. 

17. I would like to go back to education & train in a Midwifery course. 

18. I'm a Harry Potter geek. 

19. I love going to watch live music. 

20. I love going to the beach. Sun, sea & sand I'm in my element & am very fortunate that I live so close by to many beautiful beaches. 

21. I am the worst at crying during tv soaps & movies. 

22. When I'm tired I get super grumpy, irrational & emotional. 

23. I have a weird knack for remembering things that happened years & years ago, but ask me what I did yesterday & i wouldn't be able to tell you. 

24. I have stupidly curly frizzy hair that even my beloved GHD's can't tame. 

25. I tend to be very hard on myself. 

26. I detest ironing, i do not have an ironing pile, I'll only iron if the damn creases haven't fallen out once hung up. I will try to avoid it at all cost. 

27. I'm the eldest of 4. One sister & twin brothers. 

28. I'm a total believer of 'A place for everything, & everything in its place.' 

29. I'm a shopaholic. It's a problem. 

30. I have expensive taste even though my bank balance can not accommodate it. 

31. I'm very empathetic, if you start crying I will cry with you, even when nothing is wrong with me. 

32. I used to be very sporty when I was younger. What happened? I don't know. 

33. I would love to travel the world. 

34. I love chicken, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner for the rest of my life, if that was possible. 

35. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I hate doing crazy, hard workouts, but love how I feel after them. 

Well there you have it, wow that was a lot harder than what I thought it would be. Hope you enjoyed learning some random facts about me. 


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