Friday, 3 February 2017

Home-Birth Experience

Soon after finding out I was pregnant with my third baby, I decided I would try for a home-birth. Home-birth was something I never even considered or knew much about with my 2 other children. I was tempted by the idea based on sheer convenience. My midwife appointments would be at my home rather than at the hospital or my GP, Bonus! This also added in my favour as I suffered with horrendous SPD which I hadn't experienced with my last 2 pregnancies. I also wouldn't have to endure the journey to the hospital on the day baby decided to make their debut appearance, so the idea totally made sense to me.
MR.B was slightly worried about the idea, so I registered us with The Cygnet Home-Birth Team and had our 1st home appointment a few days later. Karen, one of the midwives on the team, popped over and completely put his mind and mine at ease about everything and he was excited about the idea just as much as I was.
Having my MW appointments at home were amazing in themselves as I could pick a time and day that suited me and my family, so I always made sure my other 2 children were home so they could be involved as much as possible.
The labour itself kicked off the morning of 03/08/16, 12 days after my EDD, after having my 7th sweep!! This baby just did not want to budge, stubborn like his father already!
My contractions were very mild at this stage and only 2cm dilated, so I carried on my day as normal, we took the children to the park, went home and I cooked the dinner, then we took the children down to the local stream for a walk and a paddle, I just wanted to keep upright and moving, anything to help baby hurry their way out. But by 8pm the contractions were still fairly spaced out but boy were they painful! I remember all I kept thinking was 'Why doesn't my baby want to come out?!' A long labour was not what I was used to experiencing, my first was 6 hours from start to Jamie being born and my second was 4 hours from start to Gracie-Mae being born. I was told by various friends and professions that your 3rd labour is always the easiest and quickest, they were all way off the mark where my labour was concerned!!
10pm contractions were getting closer together and a lot more painful so MR.B phoned the midwife triage, they asked if I'd like a midwife to come out and examine which I agreed to. Ali the midwife that was on-call arrived about 20 minutes later, which by that time my contractions had slowed right down again, WHY?!! She examined me and I was still just 2cm dilated, what the actual F***! This can not be happening! I had yet another sweep and was exhausted by this point so I decided to try and get some sleep. Little did I know I wouldn't be getting much of that!
 Contracting all through the night I gave up on the idea of sleep and started bouncing on my ball, something had to work, anything! The children woke up at 7am and were both disappointed that baby didn't arrive whilst they were sleeping, so was I, I wanted to cry but I held it together for them. 8.30am and I knew I needed the midwife, MR.B phoned and within 20 minutes Ali arrived, she took one look at me and put together the trusty gas&air, a few puffs on that later i was feeling slightly more comfortable, just what I needed gas&hair is amazing stuff! MR.B kept the children occupied in the living room whilst I was bouncing on my ball, the labour was progressing but slowly. Ali done her checks to make sure baby was doing all okay, then I had a sudden urge to pee, and I needed to pee a lot during the labour, every time I sat on the loo I would get a huge almighty contraction and felt a pushing, it must have been the squatting position, I remember thinking 'Oh my god my baby is going to be born down the toilet!'
Ali asked if I wanted to be examined again, I agreed, so 11am and I was only 5cm dilated, 'how can this be happening, I should have my baby in my arms by now surely?!' Not long after this the 2nd midwife turned up Jo, which was helpful as she helped with the children so MR.B could give me his 100% attention. Jo spotted Gracie-Mae's step-stool and suggested me to start stepping up and down on it, 'Was she mad? I'm in labour not an exercise class!' I did as suggested and after a while the contractions started to come thick and fast, maybe she wasn't that mad.
 Even though my contractions were there my waters had still not broken, I pleaded with them to break them for me, I was getting desperate at this point, I didn't know how much longer I could go on for! Ali wanted me to give it another half hour to see if anything happens, I agreed half-heartedly. MR.B was encouraging me to keep going with the steps Up, Down, Up, Down, I was clinging onto him in agony.
2.30pm my waters were broken for me, YES! I literally felt baby move right down, then oh my f*****g word, the pain, I felt like I was being torn in two, the pain wasn't this bad with my other 2, I'm sure it wasn't. Half clinging onto MR.B, half stood bent over the baby's soon to be cot, I pushed and pushed and with a gush of more water, the head, shoulders and body, my baby was finally here! I looked over and saw my baby for the 1st time and saw the little willy in between his legs, 'ITS A BOY, WE HAVE A BABY BOY!' I was sobbing, MR.B was sobbing, the children cheering in the living room, was such a wonderful moment. I moved over to the bed so I could cuddle my new baby boy, I chose to have the injection to birth the placenta. MR.B then had a cuddle whilst I was getting the all clear and cleaned up.
I could hear the children so desperate to come in, so 10 minutes after baby boy was born, Jamie & Gracie-Mae met their new baby brother, I wanted time to stand still, it was such a magical moment, I teared up just swelling with pride. Baby boy ( we still needed a name) then had his checks and MR.B got him dressed.
Jamie & Gracie-Mae were true little superstars throughout the whole day, some may think we were selfish to have them there with us, they chose themselves that they wanted to stay out and I'm so glad they did as we personally wouldn't have had it any other way.
Ali & Jo were happy me & baby were doing well, he latched on straight away, all our checks were fine, so after an hour of baby boy being born they both said their goodbyes and left us to it, it did feel very strange, a surreal like moment, but it was so nice to be in my own home, having a wash in my own bathroom, settle down on my own sofa with a cup of Tea & Toast with our new baby boy.
Our family was complete.

Isaac James Barnett
Born: 04/08/16   13 days late, 30hrs+ labour
Time: 14:58
Weight: 7lbs 13oz


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