Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Meet My Crazy Brood...

MR.B & I 

MR.B & I grew up together on the same street from the ripe age of 13! Roll on another 13 years and 3 children later and we are still going strong, we may drive each other insane from time to time, but we do love each other really, honest!


Jamie is 8 years old (born 2008) very nearly 9! Wow time really does fly once you start having children! He is totally fanatical about Pokemon and would play the game nonstop on his Nintendo 3DS if we would let him, he likes Swimming, Reading, Football and loves nothing more than having a family movie night with pizza, he loves his pizza! 


Gracie-Mae is 6 years old (born 2010) she is obsessed with Shopkins and Dollys, she loves performing she is our little star in the making, she also likes Swimming, Reading, Dressing up and loves nothing more than going out and having adventures be it rain or shine. 


Isaac is our newest member of the family and is 6 months old (born 2016) he is currently developing his personality, he loves nothing more than Singing and Music, his older siblings, Cuddles and Food! 


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