Saturday, 4 February 2017

Review- The Cygnet Home-Birth Team

I really couldn't recommend this team enough, I opted for a home-birth with my 3rd baby as my last 2 labours were very quick and I loved the idea of being at home. 
The midwives on the team were there from day one supporting MR.B & I throughout the whole pregnancy and birthing process, they were always respectful of the decisions we made and putting our minds at rest from the worries we had. 
Ali was there with me, my partner and our 2 children whilst I was in labour and Jo came in as my 2nd midwife ( who was brilliant keeping my 2 children entertained.)
 We really can not thank them enough, and would not hesitate in recommending this team for anyone considering a home-birth.

Here are just a few more reasons to consider a home-birth:
  • All midwife appointments are at home rather than the hospital/ GP surgery.
  • I didn't have to make the horrid journey to hospital on the day. 
  • I was far more relaxed at home. 
  • I had the devoted attention of 2 midwives throughout- no sharing and no shift changes. 
  • You still get the options to use a birthing pool and the Gas&Air.
  • Afterwards the midwives tidied everything away and left my partner, children & I in our own home- no having to leave while I stayed in an alien environment. 

It's a memory my Family & I will treasure forever. 


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