Friday, 10 February 2017

Secret Life Of A 6 Month Old

I started to sing and flap my arms and legs about to get Mummy & Daddy's attention, still nothing, so I started to shout "Da Da Da Da" Daddy came over to me today I was so excited I started to shriek, Daddy was sshhing me, Why? I'm awake so everybody else should be awake too!

Daddy carried me downstairs and put me in my chair, he was pulling some funny faces at me, he does make me giggle, daddy is so much fun. I could hear some laughing and talking, I recognise those voices, yes yes it was my big brother & sister, more people to make a fuss of me.


Mummy came downstairs & thanked Daddy for letting her have a lie-in, what does that mean? I'm sure I heard her say that I was a pain last night, why would she say such a thing? Doesn't she know that I just missed her and wanted a cuddle?

Daddy gave everybody a kiss & cuddle then walked out the door, I wonder where he goes all day? 
I remembered I've been up for a while and haven't had a bottle yet, started whinging, Mummy tutted & said "Doesn't Daddy do anything with you in the morning?" What does she mean? Of course he does! He plays with me and changed my bum, I remember because he always tells me I stink!

Jamie & Gracie-Mae gave me & Mummy a kiss & cuddle then went in a taxi I think they are called, where do they go all day? 

I was getting very tired at this point, phew this baby marlarky is hard work. Become un-tired when mummy put me in my cot. I tried the crying thing, it worked she come back in, put my music toy thing that spins round on, I didn't want that so I cranked up the crying. She gave me a kiss & told me I was tired, how does she know? I accidentally fell asleep. Will try again later. 

Woke up feeling great, I won't let on to Mummy that she was right. Mummy said I was going to try something new today, a nana, it was so yummy! Why haven't I had this before? Got abit annoyed though, it kept slipping out of my hands, made Mummy laugh, what was she laughing at? It wasn't funny at all! 


I started rubbing my eyes, how could this be? I only woke up like a minute ago? Mummy said if I slept for longer on my 1st nap then I wouldn't have been so tired, doesn't she know that there are more exciting things to do with my day? Mummy put me back in my cot & put my music on, I wasn't going to let her win this time. I made the sad whingy noises so she felt guilty whilst she was cleaning the kitchen. Turned up the volume to full blown crying, that normally gets her running to me. Mummy wonders why she bloody bothers. 

Lunchtime, I ate really really nicely. Lulled mummy into a false sense of security. Serves her right for trying to make me go to sleep again. 

Me & Mummy were playing on the floor together it was so much fun, I rolled onto my belly & was told I'm a clever boy, well I am getting the knack for it now, I then rolled back onto my back, Mummy cheered and clapped & gave me lots of kisses & cuddles, I like it when mummy does that I was abit shocked & did bang my head, but I was so happy that I done something new today, I kept doing it over & over just so I could be praised. 

Yay Jamie & Gracie-Mae are home, I do like playing with Mummy, but they are way more fun. They do anything they can to make me laugh. They always fight over who's going to play with me. Well I do get told I'm special. 

Dinner time, I managed to shove my spoon down my throat, made myself do a weird cough that didn't feel nice, I did it again straight after just to check, Mummy said I was a silly boy, how was I to know? 

Daddy comes home, I immediately stop crying, heard Mummy say I'd been like this all day, that was unfair, she forgot to tell him about all the fun we had today. "He rolled back onto his back today, and then he wouldn't stop!" Mummy told Daddy, "Ahh what a good clever boy you are!" Daddy said, that's better, more praise and being fussed over, those are my favourite things. 

Bang right on cue "WA,WA,WA" this normally gets Mummy running up the stairs to get my bath ready, I love bath-time, all the splashing and getting everybody soaked. It is a right giggle. 

I made sure I fell asleep in my best angelic pose this normally works. "Goodnight darling, We love you so so much" it definitely did do the trick. Will start my havoc again at dawn. 



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