Tuesday, 14 March 2017

An Open Letter To The Person Who Got Me Through Depression

Depression is a dark, dark hole.

So what happens when you can't get out? What happens when you've spent so long in the hole, that you don't know how to get out? What happens when you get to the point of not wanting to come out? 

Because of one person's patience, courage & kindness, I got out of the hole. 

To the one person that never gave up. 

You saw me for who I was, not who depression made me. At that time, I wasn't me. Or anything close to me. I was a very different person, but you remembered me for who I really was & brought that person back. 

You laid with me in medication-induced sleep, you witnessed panic attacks when my brain would tell me it'd had enough & it wasn't worth it anymore, you wiped tear after tear. You didn't push me, you didn't question me. You cradled me when I couldn't sleep, when I couldn't stop tears from falling from my swollen eyes onto your mascara covered t-shirt. 

You gave me faith & hope, believed in me when I didn't. You knew I could make it. You made me smile through such negativity & spoke for me when I couldn't. You held my head up when I wasn't strong enough to win the battle going on in my head. You held my hand when I couldn't see the way & above all you loved me in spite of everything when I didn't even like myself. 

You faced my demons as much as I did. You put all my pieces back together & pulled me out of that hole. 

You gave me life. And for that I am eternally grateful. 

Thankyou to the man that will continue to stand beside me, no matter what life chucks our way. 


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