Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Unexpected Hospital Trip


Isaac is back in hospital, he was admitted early yesterday morning after being brought in by ambulance, all of the night before he was just so lifeless & had a horrendous wheeze, working really hard to breathe, his inhalers that were prescribed to him the last time he was admitted just before Christmas last year wasn't helping in the slightest. He wasn't drinking or eating which isn't like Isaac at all, anyone that knows him, knows how much he loves his food, abit like his father really. 


He was hooked up straight away and given a nebuliser, but his oxygen levels were just creeping lower & lower, my poor little boy. I knew then that we were in for a very long, distressing day for the both of us. It's literally the worst thing looking at your child feeling absolutely helpless because you know there is nothing you can do to help them. Just wishing you could swap places with them because as a parent you would do that in a heartbeat. 


A couple of hours later Isaac was given a feeding tube so they could monitor his fluid intake & keep him hydrated as he was just point blank refusing to take any form of liquids from me & was hooked up to an oxyflow machine to pump high levels of oxygen into him, this kept him a lot more comfortable & he even managed to get some decent sleep which is what he so desperately needed. 

We had a better nights sleep last night, I even managed a whole 4 hours solid sleep! Which done me the world of good, I was a blubbering mess yesterday being sick with worry for my baby boy & it's amazing what sleep deprivation can do to you! The sleep has done wonders for Isaac aswell, he has woken up a lot perkier, has taken a few feeds from me not through his tube & has even found some energy to play & flirting with the nurses, he is such a floozy that boy. He is still very wheezy & working hard to breathe, but he is definitely on the mend. All tubes have been removed now to see how he gets on without them & will be given oxygen as & when he needs it. Hopefully we can go home soon. I know he is in the best place right now & I would stay here all week if it means he is getting the help he needs, but there is no place better when your not feeling 100% to be able to sleep in your own bed is there? 



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