Tuesday, 4 April 2017

15 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby


There is no denying it- once you start a family, so many changes take place. This is especially true when it comes to your relationship with your partner. 

It will be different, many will say better & hopefully you won't feel that it's worse! 

I've rustled up a list of 15 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby.

How many can you relate to? 

1.  Your partner won't be your number one anymore... but he will be a very strong number two, or three, or in MR.B's case four. Just for now anyway. 

2.  You will at times feel like your partner is doing everything wrong. And you'll probably be sure to tell him! 

3. You spend hours looking forward to seeing your partner walk through the door at the end of the day... so you can chuck him the baby & run for the hills. 

4. The days when your baby poops just as your partner comes in from work it will feel like you've won the lottery, you will do a little victory dance, feel a little smug & then run for those hills. 

5. You will be jealous of your partner for not having to deal with any body changes during pregnancy. As you lie self-consciously next to him, in underwear that covers every possible lump, bump & strechmark, you will envy him for having the same body he had 3 years ago. 

6. You will both feel like your doing absolutely everything around the house. 

7. Most of your arguments now revolve around deciding who is the most tired. 

8. While your hormones return to normal, you will be ultra-sensitive to every comment your partner makes. You may feel he is criticising you a hundred times a day whilst implying you are an unfit mother, but he probably isn't. 

9. As much as you want to, most of the time you will be too tired to put in the effort for your relationship. 

10. Your bed is no longer a place for romance, or sleep for that matter. 

11. When asked how many times a week you have sex these days, you will answer with 'What, every week?!'

12. When you do manage to have sex, you won't be bedding down to hours of foreplay & lovemaking like you did during your 'honeymoon' period. It will be quick, quiet & probably end abruptly at the sound of crying over the baby monitor. 

13. Your couple time at the end of the day will be more precious than ever, but you'll probably spend it with at least one of you passed out on the sofa. 

14. You will be most attracted to your partner when he is knee-deep in the over-flowing nappy of a teething, clingy baby, while you look on from a nice, warm, child-free bath. But best of all.....

15. Your heart will ache when you see him with your child/children, especially when you see him with them walking back from the wine shop.


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