Monday, 24 April 2017

Our Break Away To Devon


Last Monday, MR.B & I loaded up our car with luggage & squeezed 3 little people in & set off to Paignton in Devon. Even though it was only a 1hr 45min drive away, it was far from a quiet drive.
 Even with the children all going to the toilet before we left, we still needed to stop to change a baby poo explosion, needing to stop again for Gracie-Mae who was so desperate for a wee even though she had one half an hour beforehand & 'Are we there yet' started after 20 minutes of being on the road, right up until we got to the park! 


We stayed in a caravan at Waterside Holiday Park which was down the road from quite a few Beautiful beaches, situated in the park itself was part of the rail track for the Dartmouth Steam Train. It really was the perfect stay for our short break away.
We are now back at home safe & sound, back to reality of Work & School Life, back to just general shitty housekeeping YAY! I would LOVE to tell you that I enjoyed every single minute of our break away, but I would obviously be completely & utterly lying. But there was something about being away that just felt great! It was different, far from our usual day to day activities. 


Was it easy & relaxing? Definitely NOT! But somehow it seemed far easier than being at home. I would love to say I didn't lose my shit, not even once, but again of course I would be lying, but being away I somehow felt more positive about all the shit, I was far more laid back & just embraced the meltdowns of a teething baby & the squabbles of two overtired children at the end of the day.
 It's so easy to sugar coat life through happy, smiley pictures & to show what an absolutely fabulous time we are all having, but some moments of the days it was far from it. 


But I had more patience & found that I swore 'For Fuck Sake' under my breath a lot less. Was it worth it? Absolutely! We spent some quality time as a family, explored so many beautiful places & enjoyed different days out. And I've come home feeling bloody fantastic, (slightly frazzled) but fantastic. I can't wait to embark on our next adventure.



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