Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Struggling With My Postpartum Body


If you bounced back like Heidi Klum, then please move right along & more power to you- this ain't for you. 

I'm just a Mum who took a good, long hard look at the mirror today & what stared back was a big fat mess! Don't go there with me about 'Oh don't be so hard on yourself, you've had a baby' or 'Keep positive' bullshit! I get enough of that from Dr.Know It All & I also know better- so please don't go there! 


Yes of course I am proud of the fact that this body under went an extraordinary journey & I'm a proud Mummy to 3 gorgeous, healthy & happy children, but my goodness! You would think the guy upstairs would give me a break & help move things along? YES I KNOW IT TOOK 9 months to get here & Yes realistically it should take at least a year if not abit more to get things back to some type of normalcy, but I have to say this:- I HATE MY BODY!


It's not enough that my bat wings could carry me over the Atlantic, the flabby skin & fat that hangs over my belly reminds me of cobwebs on a haunted house! If I lived in the era of Noah & the floods, it would be good enough to set me afloat & all of my beloved family. 


Will this 'thing' formally known as my belly ever look normal? Was I supermodel size zero? Absolutely Not! & no I have no desire to get there. I just stood in the mirror & took a long hard look & Holy Moly! There was a lot going on! Did I ever mention that I'm seriously considering applying for a job at my local zoo to be the new resident Zebra?! I might aswell with all the stripes I have going on from head to toe aka, strechmarks! 


Anyway, I will spare you all the details of what else was hanging, floating, jigglzing & waddling! I will continue to eat sensibly, work out as often as I can & just keep being the best Mum & Partner I can be. 

But today, I just need to sit back & scream...


The End. 


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