Thursday, 11 May 2017

Jamie's Birthday Wishlist


Jamie is turning 9 years old next week, 9 YEARS OLD! I literally cannot believe how quick the time is flying past. It's actually really quite scary! Sometimes I wish we could just pause time so we can take it all in & fully appreciate the moments we have with our children, because they really do not stay small for long & within a blink of an eye they will be all adult like with furry bum fluff on their chins, smelling of body odour, heading off to Uni. 

MR.B & I always get stumped this time of year of what we can buy Jamie for his Birthday, because (without my children sounding spoilt) what do you buy a child that has everything? Which 9 times out of 10 becomes a decorative item in their bedroom collecting stupid amounts of dust. What a waste of money! 

So this year I have said unless they can think of valid things that we know they will use, not many presents will be brought this year & instead the money that would have been spent willl go on a weekend away for said child's choice.(I sound like a real party pooper Mummy, don't I?) Jamie decided he would love a weekend trip to Legoland Windsor Resort if he couldn't think of anything. 
But much to Gracie-Mae's disappointment, Jamie has seemed to have come up with a rather decent Birthday Wishlist.










Apparently this is all he can think of & will get back to us if he can think of anymore, are you fucking kidding me? Have you actually seen some of these prices?! It's a good job we love that boy. 

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