Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cheap Ways To Keep A Kids's Room Clean & Organized

Keeping a kid’s room clean & organized is mainly a concern of the parents. Many of them realize that their cleaning & organizing skills & behavior will reflect on their children & how they look after their own room & space. Getting your child to clean its room is a battle going on  all over the world. The best, cheapest & most rewarding way to keep your kid’s room clean & organized is if you teach your kid to do all of that by himself or at least part of it. Stacking, matching, scooping & wiping can later on develop into a lifetime of good organizing habits.
It works best with toddlers! Many preschoolers enjoy cleaning & playing house. They take pride in being useful & praised & will not see cleaning as work unless you make it sound so.
Get containers with different colors for them to sort out their items. For example you can assign a container or a basket for the various kinds of toys. Lego & plastic items go in the red container, fluffy animals & soft toys in a green container and so on. Taking a photograph of how the container should look like with the toys tossed inside & sticking it on the outside will help the children match the result on the picture.

One cannot expect their kid to learn cleanliness by not providing them with materials that might  point them in that direction. Get them a trashcan, a toy broom, a hamper & a stepping stool to access high shelves safely. Installing extra shelves and flat surfaces for the kids to leave & organize their stuff on is a common step towards a clean & uncluttered room. Get them as many boxes as possible to store different sets of toys, label & color them to make them funny & desirable. Work together at deciding what goes where. You do not need to worry about going out & spending a lot of money on shelves & containers in the big brand stores, instead you can assemble all the parts you need from the stuff you have around the house which would be budget-friendly. Sometimes it is surprising how many items are being stored up & gathering dust when they could be used to create something new, fresh & useful. Get planks, plastic, or other wood material to install shelves & containers in your child’s room. Ask his opinion about the color & the shape so that he will like using it.
Once you have put in & installed all of the required items you are ready to get started. An important part of this side by side cleaning & tidying with your child is trying to take the child’s eye view. Before rearranging & sorting on your own or before imposing your ideas ask the kid to give you a tour of his room. Learn about their private space & “what’s there”. Building that kind of trust with your child will be useful later on. The child will be way more acceptable of your ideas & suggestions to rearrange their environment.  Sometimes they think the tasks they are given are too overwhelming & that is probably right, but try & get into its shoes. Some clothes or toy parts are too big for their hands, the shelves are hard to reach & so on. Do not talk about the root of the problem, do not blame the child for the mess, instead try & look at the cleaning and organization process as a learning activity.
Give the kids pride in having their own place. If the kid feels the place is specially for him, he/she might try harder to keep it nice. Give them control over their space & introduce cleaning methods to them. Sometimes if the result does not meet your requirements you will have to embrace the idea of “clean enough”. It is expected from them to do a sloppy job at first but any cleaning is better than no cleaning.

*Disclamier- This is a guest post. 


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