Friday, 8 September 2017

MyMatcha Skinny Tea Review

As you all know, I've been on abit of a health-kick since having my littlest Isaac, to try & get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. (Hence all the healthy recipe posts I love sharing with you!)

So when the lovely ladies at MyMatcha Online offered me to try their Matcha Tea, I jumped at the chance in the bid to try & lose those last few stubborn pounds! 

Firstly, I would just like to tell you a little bit about MyMatcha, saves you abit of time of doing the research, cos I'm nice like that, haha! 

Matcha gives you enhanced mental clarity & naturally aids weight loss. In fact, green tea is the key ingredient in almost every single weight loss pill, tea & drink out there! 

• MyMatcha Skinny Tea is a healthier alternative to high caffeine skinny teas & coffees with embarrassing side effects (if you know what i mean). Also, unlike some slimming teas they don't use any bulking agents, colourants or sugars. The only additional ingredients are from the fruit drying process.

• MyMatcha was founded by two young UK mums on a mission to aid healthy, post baby, weight loss & enhance mental clarity through a tiring time.

I was sent a 7g sample of the Rasberry flavour, & I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they tasted, not like any other green tea's that I have tried before. 

I do suffer with abit of a sweet though, so I did add a teaspoon of sweetener & the tinest bit of honey (don't knock, before you try!) & honestly it tasted so good! 

As a tired Mama (damn you teething! You are the bane of my life!) I didn't expect it to help in the slightest, but I was proved wrong. I noticed an almost immediate boost of energy, I felt re-energised & invigorated. It made my head less fuzzy, clearer & helped so much with my awful baby brain! 

One cup in the morning effectively helped to suppress my appetite throughout the day- no more picking off the children's plates, hurray! 

But I must admit I didn't lose the pounds that I had hoped for. I had to be realistic as I was only sampling a weeks worth of MyMatcha, so my expectations of a big weight loss wasn't high at all. 

I managed to lose a whole, wait for it... 1/4 of a pound. I also put this minimal loss down to the fact Mother Nature showed her appearance yesterday, & normally just before & around my time of the month, I gain around 3lbs (which drops right off after) so I'm quite happy that I didn't gain at all this time, so that's a big bonus in my eyes! 

I think I would have needed a larger sample, to see how much it did actually help with aiding in weight loss. On a more positive note, I felt fab using this product! 

*Disclaimer- I was sent a 7g sample of MyMatcha for review, however all thoughts & opinions are 100% that of my own, and always strive to be 100% honest. 

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