Sunday, 14 January 2018

Wheat Warmer Bag Review

Ever since having children, I have suffered with horrendous back ache, shoulder ache, all over body ache. Not forgetting headaches! I’m not very surprised about the headaches though, live with my youngest for 24 hours & I’m pretty sure you’ll come away with a headache too, Haha! 

Recently I was very kindly gifted a gorgeous Golden Stag Wheat Warmer from Blue Badge Co. I am a huge lover of using natural products to help with pain relief so I was very excited to try this wheat warmer out. 

The wheat bags are available in a range of colours & designs, all Blue Badge Co products are designed and handmade in their Bristol based studio. The one I was sent has the Golden Stag Print Fabric, which although is a Christmassy themed fabric, I think it is very versatile & can be suited for all seasons of the year. 

The wheat warmers are filled with Lavender buds inside. Lavender is known for it's soothing & relaxing qualities so I figured it would be a great addition when I am in pain & need to relax. To use the wheat bag, you simply need to place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on a medium heat (ensuring the turntable isn't restricted). It is recommended that you occasionally heat with a cup of water to rehydrate the wheat for optimum effect. 

Just last week I had THE WORST period cramps. It was like someone was stabbing me in the ovaries. I am sure every woman has experienced this at some point & so I heated up my wheat bag, crawled into bed & lay it on the affected area & it was such a relief. I occasionally moved it around to different parts where I could feel pain & it definitely soothed the pain so much. I have a hot/cold eye mask which I use for migraines sometimes too & I think that hot/cold therapy really does help ease pain rather than masking it with painkillers. Although, I am not going to say don't ever use painkillers, I am all for the easy life! 

I have been really impressed with my wheat bag & love that it is all handmade in the UK by a reputable company. You can find out more about The Blue Badge Company & their range of products here.

They currently have a sale on, so this fabulous wheat warmer is now just £13.50!! Get yours quick before they sale out!! 

If you wanted to see other colour & designs of their wheat warmers, Click Here.


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