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My Daily & Weekly Skincare Routine + Review

As a HUGE skincare junkie I love finding new brands & products to try. The stress of daily life & having 3 children (one of which is ultra feral at the moment!) means my skin takes a total beating. 

Black tired panda eyes, yep I’ve got those. Fine lines around the eyes, I’m sad to say I’ve got those too. Tired, uneven skin tone- yep that’s me. Teenage spot flare ups, you guessed it, I get those too! 

 So anything that fights the sign of ageing, evens out my skin tone, & generally just makes me look a little more human is a winner for me.

The last few weeks I have been testing out some fab products, & I know you are going to love them, so I just had to share them with you guys! 

Your Good Skin- Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

I've been using this Hot Cloth Cleanser for just over a month now & I thought it deserved a little spot on my blog as I've really been enjoying using it & its been leaving my skin looking radiant - which is something that I think all of us want & need. This cleanser is really reasonably priced too & is on offer at the moment for £5.99 which you can pick up from your local Boots. It also comes with 2 muslin cloths. Bargain!

What I really love about this hot cloth cleanser is that it’s so easy to use & the cleanser itself has a really rich & thick texture to it, which feels lovely on your skin. You only need to use a small amount for one application & as you get 125ml in each tube I can see this lasting me for some time. The lotion, as thick as it is covers your face easily & it feels quite luxurious once on your skin - as it has that spa sort of smell to it, making this skincare product feel a lot more indulgent. It’s also great for sensitive skin, I haven’t experienced any form of irritation whilst using this lotion. 

Eyewake Skincare Collagen Eye Serum

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about this serum- 

“The Eyewake Skincare collagen eye serum is a luxury eye gel formula that combines powerful ingredients to target the eye area. It has collagen, cucumber & elderflower to instantly awaken & soothe & vitamin E to moisturise the skin. The serum is rich in antioxidants & uses natural products to boost skins vitality. All skin types can use the eye serum & it contains no alcohol”.

When I came across this product I was obviously intrigued, who doesn’t want to get rid of their eye bags & have a fresher look- am I right? But I was also a little skeptical as I’ve tried other various lotions & potions in the past which haven’t worked. So I’ve been using this serum for about 2 months now & I must say I’m very impressed! 

The serum is a surprisingly thick gel. Despite being so thick a tiny amount goes a really long way. I don’t even need a full pump to cover both under eye areas & the eye lids as well. (Hence still have quite a lot left after 2 months of using daily!) It soaks in really quickly & doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Because of this I don’t have to wait long before applying make-up. I’m finding it makes a great base for under eye concealer & eye make up.
From the first use i found it soothed my eyes & they felt cooled & refreshed. I use it every morning & any puffiness from a bad nights sleep (which is a regular nightly occurrence with the littlest at the moment, grrr!) is instantly reduced. As soon as it dissolves my skin feels soft, plump & supple.
You can purchase yourself one here, also for every Eyewake Gel sold, a donation is made to Women’s Aid- how brilliant is that?! 

Luvenesco- Luxury Retinol Hydrating Cream

This Luvenesco Hydrating Cream was far too appealing to not try out during these winter months. I am forever chasing products that will keep my face hydrated, soft & youthful during the winter. There is nothing worse than dry skin in my opinion. 

I can be quite reluctant to try new skin care products that I have not heard of before, as most usually don’t live up to what they are meant to do. I must say this one did not disappoint in the slightest. I have actually found a cream for my face that works for me! Hallelujah!

I tend to suffer from very dry skin, especially in these winter months & this cream goes on so smoothly, sinks right into the skin (no oily residue!) & completely hydrates.

Retinol Cream is meant to fight the signs of ageing by diminishing wrinkles, fine lines & uneven skin tone. Although I haven’t seen much difference to my ‘deeper’ lines especially on my forehead, there is definitely a noticeable difference to the fine lines around my eyes. But I am really enjoying using this as my day cream & will continue to use! 

Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask

Who else has seen this Australian Pink Clay Mask by Sand & Sky doing the rounds through social media? 

Let me be honest about something. I’m a sucker for good marketing. I’ll be happily scrolling through my Instagram feed as I wind down before bed, then BOOM. There it is. An ad pulling me in with it’s pretty pictures & snappy caption. I can’t resist having a little nose & before I know it, I’m researching why I should buy this life changing product I’ve never heard of before.

So I put this Clay Mask to the test...

This cruelty free face mask is a 4-in-1 formula that promises to tighten pores & boost radiance, protect from damage caused by pollution & brighten & detoxify your skin, all in just 10 minutes. Sounds pretty incredible, right? So what did it do for me?

I admit I couldn’t wait to try it, so I washed & exfoliated my face then whacked this mask all over. The mask has a slight smell to it – nothing unpleasant & it’s very subtle. It’s a soft, lavender pink colour & is very thick. It goes on nicely with the brush & starts to dry pretty quickly. Once completely dry, after about 10 minutes, it’s completely white & you do look a little terrifying!

 I could really feel it working & see it drawing some of the blackheads out of the skin on my nose, so felt really positive about its impact on my complexion. I was expecting to see major, clear results after washing it off & was all set to do a bare-faced celebration selfie, but in all honesty, my skin just didn’t look that different. 

That’s not to say this product doesn’t work because I definitely noticed an improvement in the texture & brightness of my skin – it felt SO smooth, but it was just nowhere near on the level of the women featured in the brand’s promo videos. Whilst some blackheads had certainly cleared, my cheeks and chin were still rather pink, my spots still looked a bit angry &  I didn’t feel like taking a picture of my naked face at all.


I used the mask a couple of days later & rather than the recommended 10 minutes,  I left the mask on for about 30 minutes to really give it a chance to work. So the second time around I was MUCH happier with my results, my skin was much brighter, much smoother & my pores visibly smaller, especially on my nose! 

I thought I should say aswell that it is advised to use this 2-3 times a week depending on your skin, I have been using it to the max at 3 times a week. 

I love the feel of the mask when it’s on my skin, it’s like a little pot of luxury. It’s perfect for easing the stresses of the day away & it’s great to use right before applying your makeup for a night out to maximise the longevity of your look. 

But most importantly, when your skin looks clearer & healthier, you feel better about everything. At £39.90 a pot, it’s got to be pretty damn good, but I think it’s going to prove itself to be worth the price. It’ll last a few months, it comes with an adorable application brush & it’s helping my skin look better & better after every application. 

Okay, so I didn’t experience the crazy instant results seen in so many videos, but it’s certainly getting there for me & everyone’s skin is different. Long may it continue! 

Have you tried out any of the products mentioned above? Let me know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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