Saturday, 10 March 2018

A Letter To My 3 Wonderful Children This Mother’s Day

As you all know it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, the night before I always start to get excited at the prospect of a sleep in & breakfast in bed, all the gorgeous little handmade gifts I will receive, & the extra cuddles in bed before we start our day.

But I have also been thinking about my gorgeous children & the fact that without them, I would not be a mother. I am so, so grateful to have them in my life.

So I’ve written my 3 wonderful children a letter for them this Mother’s Day...

To My 3 Brilliant Children,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

It is a designated day for you to thank me, & you will. Your eager hearts will write notes & thank-you’s while pampering me throughout the day. I will enjoy every minute of your outpouring of love.

But in this moment, on Mother’s Day Eve, I want to thank you.

Thankyou for giving me the greatest gift in the world, being your mother. A gift that I am all too aware is not given to everyone who wants it, & for this I am eternally grateful.

Thankyou for allowing me to spend my mornings, afternoons, & evenings with 3 of the most awesome people on the planet – YOU!

Thankyou for pushing your Daddy & I to our limits, & giving me the security in knowing that we can face challenges & go through hard times & still come out the other side together. Our relationship is stronger because we have you.

Now let’s be honest about motherhood. There are times that aren’t picture perfect. Many times. There are times of exhaustion, sickness, frustration & anxiety. This is true. There are arguments, harsh words, & a feeling of stumbling through life together sometimes.

But that is why I thank you for your forgiveness. I have made mistakes as your mother, & there is no doubt that I will make more. You are with me every day, so you see my selfishness, anger, laziness, & mistakes. But you forgive me & continue to give love in return. Thank you. I will have to ask your forgiveness regularly & I thank you so dearly for it.

Lastly I want to thankyou for the moments that can’t be captured by words. Moments of sheer joy, fascination, love, surprise, & faith. They are treasures to me every day.

So, my beautiful children, I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone.

Thankyou for the privilege of being your Mummy. Raising you. Parenting you. Being with you. It is not my job. It is my JOY.

Lots & lots of love




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