Thursday, 26 July 2018

Let’s Talk About Parent Sex!

Let’s talk about Sex, (after) Baby.

Let’s talk about you & me. Let’s talk about all the good things & the bad things that may be... okay, okay totally stole these lyrics from Salt ‘N’ Pepa- but ya get my drift!

Making time together as a couple, after children is bloody hard work- go figure!

When you are new post partum, everything hurts, aches, leaks, you get the picture right?! And the thought of getting down & dirty with your partner actually wants to make your vagina shut up shop for good! The bed is strictly for sleeping in! Am I right?!

You get the all clear & go head at your 6 week check ‘Yep, you are free to resume sexual intercourse’ & you are left feeling horrified, like no way, you are definitely NOT ready to hop back into the saddle but you have your husband/partner with you & hearing those magical words from your GP has left him grinning ear to ear, with that ‘I’ve been waiting for this moment’ glint in his eye- No, just No!

The first time after baby- I found was TERRIBLE (sorry MR.B!) but I feel it’s important to be honest! It feels like having sex for the first time ever! It’s awkward, it’s emotional & it’s bloody PAINFUL!!

You eventually get over that hurdle together & you slowly but surely gain your sex life back- it’s definitely not the same to begin with, but it’s back! Hurrah!

Then as your child starts to grow & be more aware, you have to be more cautious. You feel limited to when & where you can get a lil frisky.  Gone are the days when you had to be in the mood. If the opportunity presents itself, you take it. No questions asked.

Also, why is it that as soon as either of you even think about starting up a little game of dancing in the sheets, is the exact moment the children are so very desperate for your attention?!

They just know, it’s like they have some kind of sixth sense going on! 

Sometimes, it seems like they always know, knocking on the door at the absolute worst moments. It is a special skill they don’t even know they have- haha!

I have accumulated in my 10 years of parenting a few lil parent sex tips, that may be of help...

Quickies are your friend! It’s exciting, it makes you laugh & it’s QUICK!

Lower your expectations- no parent has the energy to go all out every time, especially after a long day of assisting their little people with their endless needs. 

Location- have a little person invading your bed again? No problem. Bathrooms have a lock, most cupboards even have a lock- Bingo!

Flirt- don’t let Mummyhood take up your whole identity! During the day, even if you’re with your kids, flirt! Send him texts. Let him know what you are thinking, it’ll be sure to have him counting down the seconds to see you! (Wink, wink!)

You are welcome💛


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