Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Celebrating 25 Years With Clark’s Village

Clark’s Village Outlet in Street, Somerset is celebrating its 25th year this year & to celebrate, I was given the opportunity to take on the £25.00 bargain hunt shopping challenge. 

This is honestly one of my favourite ever places to shop & is just under 35 minutes away from where I live, so we do visit here quite a lot. With up to 60% RRP at more than 90 high street & designer brand shops- what’s not to love?! 

I’ve always thought myself to be quite a savvy shopper, I love to forage out the bargains- with 5 of us to clothe, I obviously like to save the pennies where I can! 

I was super excited to see what I could buy for £25.00, so like any good bargain hunter, I spent a little bit of time looking over my store guide picking out the shops where I knew I should be able to find some serious discounts & made sure I visited those first. 

Clark’s Village has a large car park, with plenty of parking available. Parking is pay & display, so remember your change if you are planning a visit & is just £3.00 for 5 hours, so it’s super affordable! 

Straight on arrival MR.B wanted to have a look around Superdry where he managed to pick up a winter coat (Yes, we are well aware we are in summer, but MR.B likes to be efficient- haha!)£125.00 reduced to £75.00, saving £50- bargain!

I then wanted to have a look around Marks & Spencer’s where I found some gorgeous sleepwear pieces & the skirt of DREAMS! It was £28.00 reduced to £12.00 & it was honestly so beautiful, but they didn’t have any left in my size! Gutted didn’t even cut it!

We went into GAP where I managed to spend a small fortune kitting the children out with some summer pieces. I found the cutest pair of dungerees for Gracie-Mae & they were only £9.00!! 

At this point I still hadn’t made a start on my £25.00 bargain hunt, I’d given myself a little theme to follow, I choose nautical, so was on the lookout for anything blue, white, red, striped etc... I will admit this was quite hard but I was absolutely adamant to stick to the theme i had set myself.

So I popped into Next & as it was like fate, a group of blue & white striped skirts were hanging on the front shop rail- £28.00 down to £13.00, that beauty went straight into my basket!

Whilst picking the children up a few more pieces (I absolutely adore the children’s section in Next!) I came across the Instagram famous beach hat £7.00 down from £20.00, £7.00!! So I just had to pick it up & it went with my nautical theme perfectly!

We then took a break from shopping as Isaac was getting a tad hangrey, a hungry & grumpy toddler is definitely not a good mix!!

There are plenty of restaurants on site, like PrezzoPizza Express & Frankie & Benny’s plus more, so you are definitely spoilt for choice! After a bit of lunch & refuelling, we headed to Clark’s Village’s very own park- King Arthur’s Forest Play Park.

We hoped Isaac would run off some steam & tire himself out enough to drift off in his pram for the remainder of our shopping trip. (This did not happen- ha!)

We’ve now been fed, watered & had a play so it was time to crack on & spend the last bit of my voucher, so I headed to The Beauty Outlet & picked up a red nail varnish for £2.00 & a red lip balm from The Body Shop for £3.00. 

Before we headed home we just had to stop at The Cadbury Store to pick up a few bags of Misshapes! You can’t finish a Clark’s Village trip without coming here!! 

MR.B & I were super chuffed with our bargain finds & had a brilliant day too! If you’re not too far from Street we’d definitely recommend a visit to Clarks Village – just make sure you have a fair bit of money to take with you as there are so many great shops! 

Have you visited Clarks Village before? What bargains did you pick up? Let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Celebrating Father’s Day! My 2018 Gift Guide

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away! I can’t even believe it, how is it that we are in June already, that’s just a little bit cray, cray don’t ya think?! 

I just love celebrating Father's Day! Not only is MR.B the best partner in the world, but he is also the most incredible father to our 3 children. He was made to be a dad & he deserves more than just one day of recognition each year. I'm also fortunate to have an incredible dad of my own, Papa H. He sacrificed so much for our family & continues to work hard every single day, this man has always & will always be my very own superhero. 

It's so important to tell the fathers in our life how much we love & appreciate them, & it's also nice to spoil them with a little something too! BUT- Dads. The hardest people to buy gifts for. Am I right?!

Have no fear! I rounded up (with some help from Jamie & Gracie-Mae as they love to get involved with present buying now!) a couple of gift ideas for all the men in your life that you want to celebrate on this special day! 

What man doesn’t dream of their own man cave? A small area that can be called their own to hold & hide all their ‘manly, man’ things? MR.B’s is our shed- haha! No girls allowed apparently, with the exception of Gracie-Mae of course! So when she spotted this Personalised Retro Style Dads Sign from Give A Gift she giggled with glee & claimed it would make the perfect gift for her Daddy! 

I absolutely love the rustic look design, made from a 3mm plywood & a twine hanging. You can choose what you’d like the sign to say along with a variety of different images- as you can see we went for the spanner, me being me laughed & said that’s very appt as he can be abit of a tool- Well Gracie-Mae didn’t understand the joke, but I’m sure there will be a few eye rolls from MR.B, haha! 

This cushion I picked out myself, Now.... you may find this strange, but I’m abit of a cushion hoarder, I’m not even slightly exaggerating when I say I have a cupboard upstairs dedicated for just my cushions- is that weird? My other weird thing is that I don’t like my cushions being squished, they go all out of shape & just look deflated- maybe that is weird, but I don’t care, ha! 

 MR.B is terrible with my cushions, he has ruined so many them from squashing them with his big bum! so when I saw this Personalised Father’s Day Cushion from NOTHS I knew it would be the perfect gift, & he will definitely see the funny side of it too! 

You can tell on opening that this cushion is made from such high quality material, it’s thick, durable & sturdy! I don’t think any amount of big bums will squish this cushion out of shape, haha! And I love that it’s personalised, it just makes it that little bit more thoughtful in my eyes. 

A cake that can fit through your letterbox? Say Whaaat?! 

Jamie picked out this wonderful Father’s Day Cake Message from Cake Nesthe is all about the food that boy, like Father, like son ay!

This 15 piece handmade cake comes beautifully presented in a 15cmx10cm box that slots right through your door- how handy is that?! as you can see from the picture above you can even have a small message typed out onto the front to make it personalised, again I thought this was a great touch. You can choose from a vanilla sponge, zingy lemon or chocolate, which are all available in a wheat free option too- this I thought was extremely useful! 

There you have it, we each picked one gift that we thought would make great alternatives to the usual suspects of socks or ties! 

What are you planning on buying this Father’s Day? I’ve still got to buy one more gift for MR.B from Isaac, any suggestions would be ace! 

*Disclaimer- I was very kindly gifted all items within this post in purpose for this Gift Guide, however all thoughts and opinions are that of my own and as always 100% honest. 


Friday, 25 May 2018

Ways To Comb Malaysian Virgin Curly Hair Bundles

Within the beauty and virgin hair bundles markets, we've today, Malaysian hair bundles are becoming a lot more popular for beauty enthusiasts every day. This haired is very soft, thick, smooth and lustrous. There are many types of this hair - straight, wavy, curly and plenty more. Taking care of this hair, especially with regards to combing the curly virgin hair bundles, requires considerable time and work. This frizzy hair type has little shedding, but there's still a small requirement for a standard quantity of shedding. Combing your hair might be a bit tricky. However, these pointers below you can get off right start

Finger Combing

The initial key to note while combing the Malaysian hair bundles is finger combing. Rather of standard combing and brushing, run your fingers carefully with the hair to detangle it immediately. The fingers would be the hair’s closest friend, and regular finger combing leaves your hair searching lush, also it could leave the curls bouncy. Before finger combing, make sure to use some water and conditioner to moisturize your hair a bit before you run your fingers with the hair. If this sounds like frequently done, the curls could be strongly retained, and it’s traverses expected.

Brush When Wet

Don’t brush the Malaysian hair bundles when its dry. The only real time you need to brush your hair happens when it’s wet, and that must definitely be completed with a large tooth comb or perhaps a Denman brush. If you are on the way out and also you can’t wet your hair before brushing, make use of a very wide toothed comb to repair the problem. However, you have to take care not to get it done greater than two times per day. When the hair are combed greater than two times or 3 times per day, it causes shedding, tangling and finally loosens the curls within the bouncy weave.

Untangle Carefully

Malaysian hair bundles rarely tangle, however, if you discover hair inside a twisted situation, all hope isn’t lost. Untangling your hair regularly keeps your hair searching gorgeous for any extended period. To untangle, the initial step would be to portion your hair into four sections and clip them so they’ll stay. Focusing on one concoction at any given time, comb the weave lightly using a wide tooth come. Never make use of a smaller sized comb as it will damage your hair. Start combing in the base they move up. In extreme tangle situations, make use of a spray detangler before combing your hair out.

Malaysian hair bundles are lovely, however they need a certain degree of attention and care. These combing tips will also be vital that you keep your hair bundles beautiful and engaging. Do your very best to help keep it searching well-combed whatsoever occasions by looking into making it effortlessly smooth and tangle- free which may provide you with that perfect look you deserve. Using these tips above, take proper care of hair correctly to allow it traverses expected.


Monday, 21 May 2018

Considering CoolSculpting? Here’s What You Need To Know!

I’m guessing that I’m not the only one that has heard of CoolSculpting on the radio or seen it on Pinterest. Freeze your fat away? My first thought was that this was another fad beauty treatment that was too good to be true. It sounded like something along the lines of a teatox cleanse, or one of those ridiculously uncomfortable waist-trainers.

As someone who has struggled with “trouble spots” for 10 years (since my eldest was born), I’ve kind of come to realize that the only real solution is to eat right, exercise, & just know that even then you’re still going to have those stubborn areas that just refuse to budge. 

That being said, when I learned about the amazing benefits of CoolSculpting, I was definitely intrigued. Freeze away your fat?! Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever?! Where do I sign??

So what exactly is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that freezes the fat in the treated areas & eliminates it for good. You typically do an initial treatment & then have a second treatment 30 days later. It’s actually FDA approved for fat reduction, & once that fat is gone, it’s gone for good. Most patients typically start to see results around 3 weeks after their first treatment, though that can vary from person to person depending on your body’s natural metabolic cycle. The optimal results, you know…the kind that make you want to just show your BEFORE & AFTER pictures to everyone you meet, are typically seen around 3-4 months after your first treatment. It is worth mentioning that CoolSculpting is NOT a weight loss procedure. Most patients do see some weight loss, as is to be expected with fat reduction, but it is not for those who are looking to come in & freeze away 50lbs. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting is to schedule a FREE consultation appointment at Pulse Light Clinic Bank in London. You can contact to make an appointment via their website or just a short phone call to 0207 523 5158.

I’ve attached below a short YouTube video so you can see a few Before & After examples. 

*Disclaimer- This Is A Sponsored Post. 
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