Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cheers To 10 Years, Happy Anniversary!

I used to be a romantic. I remember reading every fairytale growing up.I believed in love at first sight, the magic of a first kiss & happily ever afters. Then I got my heart-broken… no not broken, squashed, stomped on & kicked to the curb like day old rubbish.

Granted that first time around I now know was not real love. I was very very young & more in love with the idea of LOVE then the person at the time. I made a lot of bad decisions & I paid the consequences. I was bitter & very much anti- LOVE. And then I met a man who would literally sweep me off my feet. LITERALLY!!! ❤️

I guess what they say is true, when you are not looking for love you will find it. I certainly was not looking to MR.B for a relationship, he was my best friend & have been since I was 13 years old (he was 14years.) But he was looking, he saw me, he persevered & didnt give up, it took him a while to woo me so to speak, a good 4 years infact! But it didn't stop him… well lets just say my life has never been the same. 😉

We are yin & yang. He likes romantic comedy & I am a thriller/action kind of gal. (Kinda joking about the romantic comedy part, kinda not😂) He is happy sitting home quietly on the couch & I am a let’s go dancing girl. He has to have the TV or radio on at all times & I enjoy the quiet, reading my kindle. And yet… we work!

MR.B is my best friend. He is my rock. He can complete my sentences but knows how much I hate that so he won’t. He reads me better than I read myself. He lifts me up when I am down & grounds me when my head is in the clouds. He not only puts up with all my crazy "Spur On The Moment" type antics, he gets a kick out of them. He loves me for me. Fat or skinny, long hair or short… doesn’t matter to him.

He makes me laugh! That last one is worth repeating… HE MAKES ME LAUGH.

He also annoys the hell out of me, spends WAY too much time in the bathroom getting ready, he is super OCD about EVERY little thing (good in a way, but also bloody annoying!) & if he buys another watch I may just have to leave him. But you know what… I love that about him. It makes him not perfect.(But you still better not buy another watch!)

I use to be a romantic… now I would say I am a realist who enjoys being romanced. There is a big difference. You see fairy tales only show you half the story. They never show you what happens after the big fancy wedding. (Still waiting for this to happen guys, times a ticking MR.B get a move on!💍😂) They don’t show financial struggles, people dying & you certainly don’t find relationship struggles.

No our life is not a fairy tale. But it is OUR life & one I would not ever change for anything.

I love you my darling…even more than I did 10 years ago when you forced me to change my mind! (LOL) Thank you for being my cheerleader, my life coach, my partner. Thank you for making me look at the glass as half full when I am certain it is half empty. Thank you for calming my fears, wiping my tears & giving me a good kick in the rear when I need it.

I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow. I am not sure where this crazy magic carpet ride we seem to be on is going to take us next, but I do know there is no one I would rather get rug burn with than you! WINK WINK! 😉

Happy Anniversary!!! 💝

Love you lots my love 💕


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