Thursday, 9 November 2017

12 Days Of Christmas Series: Day 9- Christmas Gift Guide For Children aged 7+

Is it just me, or do children get sooo much harder to buy for, as they get older? 

The past couple of years, MR.B & I get stumped around Birthdays & Christmas’ with ideas for Jamie & Gracie-Mae. They don’t really tend to play with toys that much anymore, & whatever toys they do receive, get played with a handful of times & then become an ornament in their bedroom, & toys are pretty bloody expensive nowadays!! 

They have both written out Christmas List’s to Santa, which are as long as my flipping house! So you’d think it would be easy to decide on what to get them for Christmas. The only problem is their lists are often full of things we don’t want to buy for them. Let me explain: 

I went through their lists the other evening, went through the catalogue, had a skim online & I just couldn’t get over the ridiculous prices on some of these toys & gadgets!! We don’t mind spending money, but I’m not prepared to spend £55 bloody pound on a plastic toy for it to be, like I said above, an ornament in their room out for ‘show’. We learnt our mistake from last year! 

So I’ve put together, with my children in mind, my own Christmas Gift Guide For Children aged 7+. If your anything like me & struggle with ideas, I hope this guide gives you some inspiration. 

Can you tell we are slightly Unicorn mad over here?! Anyway, if you’ve got any good Christmas Childrens Gift Ideas, please, please, please send them my way! 


*Disclaimer- I was kindly gifted items of the following- Grey Arrow Tracket Jacket & Joggers, Giant Colour In Christmas Tree Poster & Personalised Christmas Chocolate Angels Baking Kit with Apron, for the purpose of a feature in this post, however I wouldn’t recommend any products, if I didn’t truly love them. 

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