Thursday, 18 January 2018

DIY Eco Projects – Engaging Kids With The Cleaning

What does a parent do to get their children to help out with chores? A lot of parents use commands like “Tidy up the floor!” and usually that does not work, at least not the first twenty times the command is given. Kids don’t take well to this sort of method. They have their free will and are not robots. Several other different methods are applied which are more successful. It’s not that a child wouldn’t help, they would in fact insist on helping. When something like that occurs, the parent shouldn’t shoo them off, but instead see what comes out of the situation. Sure, the task might take longer, but it would be beneficial in the long run. Children are curious and want to help with the house chores, and here is how to do it.

A child will have to be thought that they play a role in something bigger. Being part of a family means that you should give one-hundred percent of yourself to the contribution. It is not just split 50/50 between both parents. The moment that a child realizes this, they will get motivated and show desire to help out with a few cleaning tasks as well as complete their own responsibilities. Maybe sometimes a little reminder here and there would be required but overall this is one of the greatest first lessons to learn from a very young age.

Instead of throwing orders around, the parent should use a more down to earth approach. Asking your child if they can return their clothes in the drawers and insure them that you will help out with the task. Knowing that you have their back will make them very engaged and it will have a strong bonding effect. Say for example; ‘I would appreciate it so much if you pick up all of your clothes, and you can rely on me if you need help.’ Remember that you shouldn’t do most of the work. For example, you fold the clothes and your child will put the item in the drawer.

Doing tasks like tidying up is one thing but at one point you need to rise up the difficulty. This way, chores will not be boring to do, and there is also more diversity in tasks. So what other chores should we give to kids. Cleaning up floors, tiles and furniture would be out of the question considering that the products used are way too toxic for kids. Good thing that there are alternative solutions, and  in fact, they can be home made. A good homemade all purpose cleaner would do a great job, and creating it with your child for them will instantly motivate them.

Recipes for all kinds of eco friendly cleaning products can be found online, but here is one for an all purpose cleaner which ingredients are any liquid hand-washing soap, distilled water, essential oil and a glass spray bottle. You  will need to rely on your own sense of proportion. By looking at the the size and capacity of your bottle, use a cup that would be perfect for these measurements. Fill up two cups of distilled water, a quarter cup of liquid soap and fifteen drops of lavender essential oil. Mix them all in the glass bottle, seal it tight and thoroughly shake so that all of the oils can mix and it will be ready to use. Now your child has their own healthy, safe and effective cleaning product which costs far far less then the store bought ones.


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