Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Give Yourself A Fresh Spring Look With Divatress!!

“Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts & opinions are that of my own.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been cursed with unruly & at times unmanageable thick curls, curls that at times even my beloved GHD’s can not tame. 

Oh how I wished I had lovely sleek, smooth locks like my little sister- I envy her for her hair.  Its always the way though, if you have straight hair you would dream of bouncy curls, & if you’re like me with wavy curly hair, you are forever spending time trying to straighten all those kinks out- haha! 

Although saying all that, I honestly do not even have the time to do my hair properly anymore, the majority of the time it’s a quick spray with my trusty dry shampoo & scrapped back in my go to ‘Mum Bun’ do. 

I’ve been wanting to change the style of my hair for a while, something that’s more manageable but still looks like I have made the effort. But I’m a creature of habit & as soon as I’m sat in the salon chair & asked what I would like doing, I always end up chickening out & go for the same. 

So when I discovered Divatress, I was literally so excited! Divatress is a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs & hair care products. With a wig you can change your entire look in an instant! 

Their Outre Xpression Crochet Braids really caught my eye, especially this one- The Dominican Blow Out Straight...

You can select your choice of hair length & suitable colour. This particular braid is very quick to install & is also a low maintenance piece, which is brilliant for a busy Mother like myself! 

What do you think about wigs? Would you wear one to change up your look, without having to go with something permanent? 


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