Friday, 18 May 2018

Celebrating Double Digits! Happy 10th Birthday My Darling Boy!

Wait a minute, how in the world? 

I’m trying not to completely freak out about my first born turning 10 today, but it’s HARD! 

We are throwing him a sports party next weekend which Jamie is super psyched about, & today he’s officially a decade old! That’s insane to me!! The first time hitting the double digits is a HUGE milestone!!

I feel like 10 years has really passed in the blink of an eye.  I know that sounds quite cliché. But I remember the first moment I held him. When they laid him on my chest. I remember the ride home from the hospital. 

His first steps, his first word, his constant chattiness as a toddler. Watching him learn, grow & turn into the amazing young man that he is today. 

So I’ve written him a little letter in honour of his double digit birthday...

Jamie’s Birthday through the years, the day he was born to his 9th birthday. 

To my Darling Jamie, 

10 years ago, you came into my world.  You changed me completely, you made me a mother.  You are my first baby.  You always will be.  Someday when you have children of your own you will comprehend all that that means. Because you are my 1st, that will always mean unchartered territory for me.  Sometimes I get it right, often I do not.  You & your needs are always at the top of my list.

Jamie, I am so, so proud of the young man you are becoming. I don’t know what your future holds but I want you to always be yourself- who ever you feel that is. Don’t let anyone bring you down or make you feel like you are not important. Don’t stop asking questions, don’t stop caring for others, don’t stop making silly noises & jokes, & please try & continue to be nice to your little sister & brother. They may pester you more than you deserve but they love you & you are stuck with each other so ya may as well make the best of it. I want you to continue being the gentleman you are. Hold doors for other people, continue to give (you often give more than is expected of you at times I know), use your manners that your Dad & I have driven deep in you. Keep passing out the hugs, high fives, & being the ginger ninja that you are. 

Above all I just want you to know how very proud we are of you. We are always going to be here for you to provide you with advice, encouragement, or just a shoulder to lean on. As you continue to grow & experience the pains that come along the way, I just want you to know I will always feel your pain & I will always try to help the best I can. Thank you for being so great & for having such a good heart. I have loved watching you grow & I love the little man you are becoming. You are brilliant & you are so loved! I love you my sweet boy. 

Happy 10th birthday! Such a big milestone!

Lots & lots of love




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