Wednesday, 17 October 2018

‘You Are So Lucky To Have A Partner Like Yours!’

‘Wow MR.B does laundry?!’

‘Wait, What?! He cooks dinners?’

‘What do you mean he takes over the children’s bedtime routine??’

‘How did you manage to get so lucky? I can rarely get my husband to put his dirty washing in the basket, let alone actually putting a wash on!! & don’t get me started on when he comes home from work & just sits down all evening because he has had such a hard day & leaves me to finish off the dinner, cleaning the kitchen, getting the children bathed & put to bed!’ 

‘I wish I had a MR.B in my life’ 

These are all statements that have been said to me over the years from other various Mum friends since MR.B & I became parents. 

(This isn’t a braggy post, I promise!!) 

I have to admit that it’s always made me feel slightly uncomfortable when anyone has told me how “lucky” I am to have the type of partner that I do- the kind that thinks of nothing of getting up with our kids at night, the kind that I would never doubt could handle all three of our kids on his own if I happened to have a night out or an overnight trip away.

Of course I feel extremely lucky to have MR.B in my life, he is caring, loving, hard working & above all a brilliant Dad. I am lucky with my lot in life, I realize that. I do count myself as lucky to have all that I have.

But do I feel lucky that he “helps me” with housework, or cooking or taking care of OUR children. No. No I don’t. And here is why....

We are a TEAM. We are EQUALS.

We both work. He goes out to work. I work from home. His money is my money, my money is his money. We share the duties around the home, we parent together, he doesn’t “babysit” our children, he is a FATHER to our children. 

Because we are a Team, because we are Equals. 

Together we both bring different things to the table, together we make a great balanced pair- just as any relationship I think should be.

It was a package deal- I fell in love with him for the man that he was & the partner & father that he would be, & I wanted to build a life with him, not in spite of him.

So I am very happy, not lucky, to have him. We all are. 


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