Thursday, 8 November 2018

50 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Did anyone else think that October went by like a snail’s pace but November seems to be shooting by? Like how have we already had one whole week of being in November?! December is fast approaching & guys I seriously don’t think I can cope with all the excitement, I literally live for this time of year... Eeek!

December can be a very busy time for bloggers, throughout the festive month many bloggers take part in a tradition called Blogmas, in which they post on their blog every day in December up until Christmas Day. It can be tough thinking up content for Blogmas, so I thought I’d put together my own list of ideas to perhaps give you guys some inspiration.

I didn’t join in last year as I blogged a 12 Days Of Christmas Series, but this year I’m seriously considering doing it & try my hardest to blog everyday- well it is like the best month of the year afterall! I just hope I can squeeze it in around the children, because if you have kids, ya’ll know how hard it is to find a small pocket of time to yourself, I don’t get to shit in peace let alone anything else... sooo, you know, we shall see, haha!

Right enough chit chat now (sorry I do like to go on) & let’s jump straight into that list...

50 Christmas blog post ideas

  1. Advent Calendar Gift Guide 
  2. Write Your Own Letter To Santa
  3. Craft Ideas For The Kids This Christmas 
  4. Winter Skincare Must Haves 
  5. Christmas Gift Guides 
  6. The Christmas Jumper Edit 
  7. The Best Christmas Markets In Your Area/ Guide To Your Local Christmas Market
  8. Favourite Festive Films 
  9. Homemade Festive Hot Chocolate Recipe
  10. Secret Santa Gift Ideas 
  11. Stocking Filler Ideas For Him/Her/Children/Toddlers/Babies 
  12. Festive Makeup Looks
  13. A Festive Day Out 
  14. Festive Activities To Do With Kids 
  15. Christmas Decoration Haul
  16. Homemade Gingerbread House Recipe
  17. Homemade Mulled Wine/Cider Recipe 
  18. Healthy Christmas Snack Ideas 
  19. Christmas Candle Collection 
  20. Christmas Eve Pamper Routine 
  21. Christmas Game Ideas For The Family 
  22. Your Own Christmas Traditions 
  23. Christmas Party Outfit Ideas 
  24. Host Your Own Christmas Giveaway
  25. Festive Nail Ideas 
  26. New Years Resolutions
  27. How To Style: The Christmas Jumper 
  28. Homemade Mince Pie Recipe 
  29. Homemade Christmas Cookies Recipe
  30. How You Like To Spend Christmas Eve
  31. 10 Things To Do This Christmas 
  32. Easy DIY Christmas Decorations
  33. Homemade Christmas Cocktail Recipes
  34. Christmas Product Review 
  35. Christmas OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) 
  36. Festive Playlist 
  37. What’s In My Bag: Christmas Edition
  38. Homemade Christmas Dessert Recipe 
  39. Christmas Hauls (Gifts/Food Etc..)
  40. What’s In My Makeup Bag: Christmas Edition
  41. The Best Beauty Advent Calendars
  42. Christmas Through The Years 
  43. Best Places To Shop Online This Christmas 
  44. DIY Make Your Own Advent Calender 
  45. How You Like To Spend Boxing Day 
  46. Come Decorate With Me: Christmas Edition
  47. Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas 
  48. DIY Christmas Stockings 
  49. Christmas Gift Ideas For Bloggers 
  50. Your Christmas Day 

Oh my gosh that has made me even more excited than I already am writing this list (if that’s even possible!) I really hope you find my list of ideas for Blogmas helpful. Even if you’re not fully taking part in Blogmas, you can use these suggestions as ideas for your December posts.

Are you joining in with Blogmas this year? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below. 


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Prestige Christmas Hampers- Review

It’s November 7th today, so it’s perfectly acceptable to be talking about Christmas now right? I can already hear a few of you booing & hissing at me for the very thought- haha! 

For me it’s never too early, this time of year is when I literally come alive, like let me tell you I am the Christmas Queen, just saying..(totes joking!) & guys there is only 7 Monday’s left until the big day, just 7! So if now is not the time to get festive & organised, than I really don’t know when is. 

Sooo.. let’s talk about Hampers. 

Isn’t a Deluxe Hamper like one of the best presents you could gift to someone? (Or just a special treat to yourself) festive snacks, beverages, chocolates & wine- like seriously what is not to love about that?! 

Prestige Hampers were kind enough to gift me with a fab hamper to review, so I promised to give my honest opinion & took one for the team filling my face with all the festive goodies! You are very welcome- ha!

I have to say I did do a little happy dance when I seen what the post man was delivering…

Even the outer box was beautiful & I couldn’t wait to look inside.  I wasn’t disappointed!  The stunning wooden box was exceptionally packaged with plenty of padding & a little personal note perfectly placed on top.

I had been sent the ‘Christmas Chest’ Hamper which is currently retailing at £74.99 & includes...

  • Walkers Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Classics 120g
  • Mackays Christmas Marmalade 113g
  • Mackays Christmas Preserve 113g

  • Red Velvet Crunch Biscuits 150g
  • English Breakfast Tea 40g
  • Shortbread Festive Shapes 60g
  • Handmade Smoked Oatcakes 125g
  • Iced Fruit Cake 400g

  • Water Stop station Shiraz 75cl
  • Water Stop Station Chardonnay 75cl
  • Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding 100g
  • Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps 100g
  • Dark Chocolate Bar 60g

All presented in this GORGEOUS trunk which can be used over & over. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I love Hampers so much as they can be re-purposed & re-used. This gorgeous piece is actually now a little feature in my hallway. 



The chocolates & wine were pretty much inhaled  as soon as I got the little rugrats to bed, & the rest of the contents didn’t last very long at all once the children & MR.B got their dirty mitts on them all. 

And let’s face it – There is no way I have the time to make such a gorgeous gift from scratch. Plus I can only imagine the carnage that would inevitably be created at the post office with an over sized box, pushchair, toddler & two grumbling children in tow! So the convenience of ordering online with the additional personal touch of a gift message is a HUGE bonus for me!  

Do you gift Hampers at Christmas? & if you don’t- why the hella not? Haha!


Thursday, 1 November 2018

Learn To Forgive Yourself Mama

This one got his first proper goose egg head injury today😩 a result of running one way & looking the other, despite telling him over & over he was going to end up hurting himself🙈

We went off out for our usual after lunch walk which always ends with a play at our local park, he was on the play apparatus & I was circling around helping when needed, when he just got up & shot off like a lightening bolt & seemed to develop a bad case of selective hearing at the same time🙄

I could see it was about to happen, it was a proper heart in throat moment, I could see his fall playing in slow motion right in front of my eyes, but I still just was not quick enough to catch him. He fell right off the side of the play apparatus, head first into the ground... SMACK!😵 then came the scream that goes straight through you making all your hairs stand on end.. Oh that scream! Isn’t it just the worst sound to a Mother’s ears?!😱

After lots of cuddles he seemed to get over it pretty quickly & wanted to carry on as normal, which is obviously a very good sign & after checking him over, other than the huge lump & bruise, he seemed okay, no real damage done... phew! It just looks worse than what it actually is😪

That of course didn’t stop the #mumguilt thoughts creeping in- ‘What if I had done this or not done that?’ ‘What if I was a little firmer with him when he wasn’t listening?’ You know the drill, right?! Just over analysing everything, questioning every little detail; which is actually the worst thing you can do, because it makes you feel like SHIT! Like you failed as a Mother. Which of course is absurd, but you just can’t help having those thoughts can you? It’s very common for us parents to feel a great sense of blame & guilt after one of our babies have been injured😖

I’ve come to realise that we as parents need to teach ourselves to forgive. To forgive ourselves (& others) & to move on is a challenge for many Mums. We hold on to the pain & beat ourselves up for the mistakes & missteps we make in our parenting. But if we can just forgive & rid ourselves of Mum Guilt, move on from what ever it was that made us feel guilty in the first place, we would feel so much happier, wouldn’t we?! We can trust ourselves to learn from our past mistakes & accidents without paying the price with our happiness🧡

So today I’m sticking my two fingers up at Mum Guilt with a sense of relief, because today Mum Guilt did not beat me, today Mum Guilt did not win🖕🏼😅

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