Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Prestige Christmas Hampers- Review

It’s November 7th today, so it’s perfectly acceptable to be talking about Christmas now right? I can already hear a few of you booing & hissing at me for the very thought- haha! 

For me it’s never too early, this time of year is when I literally come alive, like let me tell you I am the Christmas Queen, just saying..(totes joking!) & guys there is only 7 Monday’s left until the big day, just 7! So if now is not the time to get festive & organised, than I really don’t know when is. 

Sooo.. let’s talk about Hampers. 

Isn’t a Deluxe Hamper like one of the best presents you could gift to someone? (Or just a special treat to yourself) festive snacks, beverages, chocolates & wine- like seriously what is not to love about that?! 

Prestige Hampers were kind enough to gift me with a fab hamper to review, so I promised to give my honest opinion & took one for the team filling my face with all the festive goodies! You are very welcome- ha!

I have to say I did do a little happy dance when I seen what the post man was delivering…

Even the outer box was beautiful & I couldn’t wait to look inside.  I wasn’t disappointed!  The stunning wooden box was exceptionally packaged with plenty of padding & a little personal note perfectly placed on top.

I had been sent the ‘Christmas Chest’ Hamper which is currently retailing at £74.99 & includes...

  • Walkers Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Classics 120g
  • Mackays Christmas Marmalade 113g
  • Mackays Christmas Preserve 113g

  • Red Velvet Crunch Biscuits 150g
  • English Breakfast Tea 40g
  • Shortbread Festive Shapes 60g
  • Handmade Smoked Oatcakes 125g
  • Iced Fruit Cake 400g

  • Water Stop station Shiraz 75cl
  • Water Stop Station Chardonnay 75cl
  • Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding 100g
  • Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps 100g
  • Dark Chocolate Bar 60g

All presented in this GORGEOUS trunk which can be used over & over. Which is one of the biggest reasons why I love Hampers so much as they can be re-purposed & re-used. This gorgeous piece is actually now a little feature in my hallway. 



The chocolates & wine were pretty much inhaled  as soon as I got the little rugrats to bed, & the rest of the contents didn’t last very long at all once the children & MR.B got their dirty mitts on them all. 

And let’s face it – There is no way I have the time to make such a gorgeous gift from scratch. Plus I can only imagine the carnage that would inevitably be created at the post office with an over sized box, pushchair, toddler & two grumbling children in tow! So the convenience of ordering online with the additional personal touch of a gift message is a HUGE bonus for me!  

Do you gift Hampers at Christmas? & if you don’t- why the hella not? Haha!


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