Thursday, 18 January 2018

DIY Eco Projects – Engaging Kids With The Cleaning

What does a parent do to get their children to help out with chores? A lot of parents use commands like “Tidy up the floor!” and usually that does not work, at least not the first twenty times the command is given. Kids don’t take well to this sort of method. They have their free will and are not robots. Several other different methods are applied which are more successful. It’s not that a child wouldn’t help, they would in fact insist on helping. When something like that occurs, the parent shouldn’t shoo them off, but instead see what comes out of the situation. Sure, the task might take longer, but it would be beneficial in the long run. Children are curious and want to help with the house chores, and here is how to do it.

A child will have to be thought that they play a role in something bigger. Being part of a family means that you should give one-hundred percent of yourself to the contribution. It is not just split 50/50 between both parents. The moment that a child realizes this, they will get motivated and show desire to help out with a few cleaning tasks as well as complete their own responsibilities. Maybe sometimes a little reminder here and there would be required but overall this is one of the greatest first lessons to learn from a very young age.

Instead of throwing orders around, the parent should use a more down to earth approach. Asking your child if they can return their clothes in the drawers and insure them that you will help out with the task. Knowing that you have their back will make them very engaged and it will have a strong bonding effect. Say for example; ‘I would appreciate it so much if you pick up all of your clothes, and you can rely on me if you need help.’ Remember that you shouldn’t do most of the work. For example, you fold the clothes and your child will put the item in the drawer.

Doing tasks like tidying up is one thing but at one point you need to rise up the difficulty. This way, chores will not be boring to do, and there is also more diversity in tasks. So what other chores should we give to kids. Cleaning up floors, tiles and furniture would be out of the question considering that the products used are way too toxic for kids. Good thing that there are alternative solutions, and  in fact, they can be home made. A good homemade all purpose cleaner would do a great job, and creating it with your child for them will instantly motivate them.

Recipes for all kinds of eco friendly cleaning products can be found online, but here is one for an all purpose cleaner which ingredients are any liquid hand-washing soap, distilled water, essential oil and a glass spray bottle. You  will need to rely on your own sense of proportion. By looking at the the size and capacity of your bottle, use a cup that would be perfect for these measurements. Fill up two cups of distilled water, a quarter cup of liquid soap and fifteen drops of lavender essential oil. Mix them all in the glass bottle, seal it tight and thoroughly shake so that all of the oils can mix and it will be ready to use. Now your child has their own healthy, safe and effective cleaning product which costs far far less then the store bought ones.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Wheat Warmer Bag Review

Ever since having children, I have suffered with horrendous back ache, shoulder ache, all over body ache. Not forgetting headaches! I’m not very surprised about the headaches though, live with my youngest for 24 hours & I’m pretty sure you’ll come away with a headache too, Haha! 

Recently I was very kindly gifted a gorgeous Golden Stag Wheat Warmer from Blue Badge Co. I am a huge lover of using natural products to help with pain relief so I was very excited to try this wheat warmer out. 

The wheat bags are available in a range of colours & designs, all Blue Badge Co products are designed and handmade in their Bristol based studio. The one I was sent has the Golden Stag Print Fabric, which although is a Christmassy themed fabric, I think it is very versatile & can be suited for all seasons of the year. 

The wheat warmers are filled with Lavender buds inside. Lavender is known for it's soothing & relaxing qualities so I figured it would be a great addition when I am in pain & need to relax. To use the wheat bag, you simply need to place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on a medium heat (ensuring the turntable isn't restricted). It is recommended that you occasionally heat with a cup of water to rehydrate the wheat for optimum effect. 

Just last week I had THE WORST period cramps. It was like someone was stabbing me in the ovaries. I am sure every woman has experienced this at some point & so I heated up my wheat bag, crawled into bed & lay it on the affected area & it was such a relief. I occasionally moved it around to different parts where I could feel pain & it definitely soothed the pain so much. I have a hot/cold eye mask which I use for migraines sometimes too & I think that hot/cold therapy really does help ease pain rather than masking it with painkillers. Although, I am not going to say don't ever use painkillers, I am all for the easy life! 

I have been really impressed with my wheat bag & love that it is all handmade in the UK by a reputable company. You can find out more about The Blue Badge Company & their range of products here.

They currently have a sale on, so this fabulous wheat warmer is now just £13.50!! Get yours quick before they sale out!! 

If you wanted to see other colour & designs of their wheat warmers, Click Here.


Saturday, 30 December 2017

An Open Letter Of Appreciation To MR.B

I am admittedly VERY lucky to have such a wonderful man that I can share my life with. Sometimes I go way too long without letting him know how much I appreciate him.

At this stage in our relationship, i.e- 10 years & 3 children later. There are typically not grand romantic gestures, fancy nights out at restaurants or spontaneous expensive gifts. (Although a nice bouquet of flowers would be most welcome- hint, hint!) 

We have more of a practical, down to earth type relationship- & I love it! The small things that MR.B does on a daily basis to keep our relationship & our family life run as smoothly as possible, means soo much more to me than a fancy bit of jewellery.

So I just want to take the time to say thankyou...

Thankyou for choosing me.

Thankyou for putting up with me, I know I’m far from perfect, but you love the imperfectly perfect me. And I love you for that.

Thankyou for being the best dad you can be. The children completely idolise you- & you them, my heart feels full watching you all together.

Thankyou for working so hard for us, you constantly bend over backwards so we can have the nicer things in life. And although they may be trivial in hindsight, I really really appreciate that; beyond any words I can express.

Thankyou for your constant encouragement & belief in me. You’ve always been my biggest supporter.

Thankyou for keeping your cool when I lose mine. I really don’t know how I would cope some days.

Thankyou for being such a fantastic partner in so many ways (I won’t mention them all here!) 

I really could go on & on. So thankyou m’love.

 (But seriously though, about those flowers, I’m still waiting! Haha!) 


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Spread Some Festive Cheer With Prestige Flowers

How you guys getting on with your Christmas shopping? I’ve very nearly finished mine, thankfully! No mad rush purchasing on Christmas Eve for me, unlike most years, haha! 

If you still have Christmas shopping to finish but are stuck for ideas on what to get a loved one, a friend, co-worker or grandparent that has helped you out looking after the little ones all year, why not order a special festive bouquet from Prestige Flowers?

Prestige Flowers have a gorgeous range of Christmas blooms to suit any taste, they have taken great care to put together bouquets that are seasonal & festive with a touch of class.

If you know me you’ll know that I love flowers despite not getting them very often (Yes MR.B I’m looking at you!) but I was extremely lucky to be sent a gorgeous Noel Bouquet.

 This particular bouquet arrived on a day where I was feeling a little under the weather so it was the perfect pick me up if I’m honest. They came in a pretty patterned box & I was so excited to open them, we opened the box & all I could see was this beautiful bouquet of christmas flowers staring back at me, they were perfectly arranged & I was so so excited to get them out of the box.

On digging through the box a bit deeper, I was delighted to see two little surprises in there too. A box of chocolates & a quaint vase to house my flowers in. It made such a lovely touch. 

 I think these flowers or any other bouquet from the Christmas range would make a fantastic gift for someone, it is thoughtful & who doesn’t love receiving flowers?

I was so impressed with the quality & the service I have received both times from Prestige Flowers that I have been looking at ordering some for upcoming events, I noticed that you can even choose your delivery date so if you have a birthday coming up & its not until say next month, you can order them for that day which I thought was so good. It means you can be extra organised & not stress about having to buy a last minute present. Also if you order by 9pm you are able to get next day delivery, how good is that?!

Thankyou very much Prestige Flowers! 

*Disclamier- I was kindly gifted this bouquet from prestige flowers in exchange for review, however all thoughts & opinions are that of my own & always 100% honest. 

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