Saturday, 21 April 2018

So, We Co-Sleep Now?

It appears I am a co-sleeper... Again!

I slowly stopped co-sleeping with Isaac when we stopped our breastfeeding journey when he was about 4 months old. Co-sleeping at that time worked for us, I could feed him laying down & we all as a family had a decent nights sleep. Anything to catch a few hours shut eye with a newborn baby, was a winning in my books, but once we switched to formula, I made the decision that I wanted Isaac to sleep in his own bed- & surprisingly to MR.B & I, he took to it straight away & by the time he was 9 months old he was starting to sleep through! 

Don’t get me wrong, we still had a few rough nights now & again where MR.B & I tagged teamed to settle Isaac back down, BUT he was settled back down into his OWN bed, & slowly but surely it appeared we had a baby that slept 12 hours+ before he was 12 months old! We couldn’t believe it! We thought our luck was in! (Jamie & Gracie-Mae were pretty poor sleepers, Gracie-Mae had only started to sleep through properly when she was 5 years old, whilst I was pregnant with Isaac!!!) 

Fastward to now, at Isaac being 20 months old, & we have had to resort back to co-sleeping. I for one did not see this coming one bit! 

Here’s my dilemma- Isaac will (the majority of the time) settle down just fine when he goes up to bed at 7pm, then half midnight-1am he will wake up crying, calling out for either Mummy or Daddy. One of us will go on in & console him, will give him a cuddle & try to soothe him whilst he is in the cot. When we are under the impression that he is asleep/settled, we turn to leave & a bloody banshee has taken Isaac’s place!! 

He ends up doing this cry which is a truly heart in throat cry! He ends up not being able to catch his breath, goes blue/purple in the face & you can see the panic in his eyes because he can not breathe. We have to slowly blow in his face & eventually he catches his breath, goes slightly limp & cry’s some more. It’s honestly one of the worst things. 

Sooo what do we do? we bring him into our bed & he settles down as quick as switching off a light, some people will say we are making a rod of our own backs by doing this, but I honestly do not know what else we can do?

I absolutely love the IDEA of co sleeping. I love to offer my children love & security. I want them to know that if they are scared they can count on me. That’s why I let them come into my bed at night. I don’t have the heart or the energy to force them back to their beds at three in the morning, but I just can’t help being unhappy about it... this Mama wants her bed back & SLEEP!!!

So what’s a wannabe lone sleeper to do? Wait it out I guess. I love my children & they really are only little for a short period of time, I’m thinking that if this is what they need right now, they can have it. It makes me a little crazy, but I know it will be over soon enough.

One thing is for sure: I will be reunited with sound sleep one day. Until then pass the Smashbox Photo Finish Eyelid Primer & a shit ton of caffeine! Haha!

Have you co-slept with your children? Have you any advice for a sleep deprived Mama?


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Make It With Words- Personalised Gift Review

For many new parents, their baby's name choice has taken hours of debate & thought. Lists will have been made & crossed out- suggestions run past friends & family (who of course, will immediately associate that name with someone horrible). Finding the perfect name takes a lot of rethinking & planning! So when a little one finally arrives into the world, what better way to celebrate than with a truly thoughtful gift that gives the parents a chance to show off their perfect, well-thought out name choice?

A Personalised Gift.

I absolutely adore personalised gifts. There’s something very meaningful to a gift that’s been personalised. It shows that a lot of thought has gone in it & that means a lot to me.

We were recently gifted this gorgeous ABC Block Frame from Make It With Words.

I was completely blown away by it. I had never before seen such a beautiful baby gift that was utterly unique & I loved it from the minute I saw it. From the design, to the colours & layout,  to how it arrived in its own beautiful keepsake box, it was just a perfect gift for Isaac & has finished off his new bedroom beautifully. 

These ABC frames are made with hand stamped wooden Alphabet blocks in a choice of three colours- Rainbow, Pastel or Vintage. You can also choose Classic or Old Irish lettering. All mounted in a white painted timber frame. As you can see we opted for the Classic Lettering on the Rainbow coloured blocks. I love bold primary colours, & it matched Isaac’s room down to the tee. 

My favourite part of this frame, is the engraving plaque which is attached to the front. Which you can then add a special, personal message. We chose to have Isaac’s Date Of Birth & his Birth Weight. It just makes the perfect keepsake & one that will last for years & years to come. 

I had never thought to have brought a keepsake gift like this for when my elder children were babies. So I am definitely going to purchasing two more, so they can have something personalised & gorgeous like this in their own rooms. 

Do you prefer to buy personalised, handmade gifts too? 

*Disclamier- I was very kindly gifted this ABC Frame in purpose of this post, however all thoughts & opinions are that of my own. 


Saturday, 10 March 2018

A Letter To My 3 Wonderful Children This Mother’s Day

As you all know it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, the night before I always start to get excited at the prospect of a sleep in & breakfast in bed, all the gorgeous little handmade gifts I will receive, & the extra cuddles in bed before we start our day.

But I have also been thinking about my gorgeous children & the fact that without them, I would not be a mother. I am so, so grateful to have them in my life.

So I’ve written my 3 wonderful children a letter for them this Mother’s Day...

To My 3 Brilliant Children,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

It is a designated day for you to thank me, & you will. Your eager hearts will write notes & thank-you’s while pampering me throughout the day. I will enjoy every minute of your outpouring of love.

But in this moment, on Mother’s Day Eve, I want to thank you.

Thankyou for giving me the greatest gift in the world, being your mother. A gift that I am all too aware is not given to everyone who wants it, & for this I am eternally grateful.

Thankyou for allowing me to spend my mornings, afternoons, & evenings with 3 of the most awesome people on the planet – YOU!

Thankyou for pushing your Daddy & I to our limits, & giving me the security in knowing that we can face challenges & go through hard times & still come out the other side together. Our relationship is stronger because we have you.

Now let’s be honest about motherhood. There are times that aren’t picture perfect. Many times. There are times of exhaustion, sickness, frustration & anxiety. This is true. There are arguments, harsh words, & a feeling of stumbling through life together sometimes.

But that is why I thank you for your forgiveness. I have made mistakes as your mother, & there is no doubt that I will make more. You are with me every day, so you see my selfishness, anger, laziness, & mistakes. But you forgive me & continue to give love in return. Thank you. I will have to ask your forgiveness regularly & I thank you so dearly for it.

Lastly I want to thankyou for the moments that can’t be captured by words. Moments of sheer joy, fascination, love, surprise, & faith. They are treasures to me every day.

So, my beautiful children, I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone.

Thankyou for the privilege of being your Mummy. Raising you. Parenting you. Being with you. It is not my job. It is my JOY.

Lots & lots of love




Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Trying To Be The Best Possible Role Model For My Daughter- Can’t Be That Hard Right?

If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you... don’t disappoint her ~ Author Unknown.

When you become a parent, you automatically also become a role model. It’s a title that’s stowed upon you, whether you are ready or not.

As a mother, I am my daughter’s first role model when it comes to self-image & I want to show her that there is nothing “model” about it. There is no such thing as perfection. Or rather, she is perfect as she is. I want her to grow up being conscious of her behavior, not her physical appearance.

As her mother, I see perfection when I see her & her siblings, as I’m sure all mothers do when they view their children.

I also feel like a complete hypocrite. As I do not practice what I preach. I’m not comfortable in my own skin- there I said it.

I pick out everything that is ‘wrong’ with my body, my face, my hair, my capability. I’m worried now as she has gotten older she will end up picking up on the little comments about my weight, the little put me downs I mutter to myself.

For my daughter to understand that girls & women come in all sizes & shapes, that there is no room for judgment based on appearances, I have to lead by example & to show her that, I need to stop judging myself.

MR.B & my children look at me & think I’m beautiful so I need to start looking at myself the same!

I mean come on look at the way she is looking up to me here, how can I let her down? Ps. We are loving our matching ‘Besties’ Tees from Lovetree Design.

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